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Thank you for evaluating this on-line tutorial. Its intent is to offer base-level information on the use of digital preservation. We conceived of this tutorial as a prerequisite to attending Cornell's Weeklong workshop so that participants can devote more time to developing critical thinking skills and less time to learning basic information. The tutorial is also intended as a standalone product, and it is in this capacity that we ask you to review it.

We seek your input in two areas: content and interface design/functionality. Some of you will feel more prepared to comment in one area over the other, but we are hoping that your evaluation can encompass both. We ask you put yourself into the shoes of a potential user of this tutorial in completing your evaluation. Assume this user works in a cultural institution (library, archives, museum) and would have some familiarity with the language and concepts of digital preservation but no real experience or expertise.

Scale from 1 - 5

9. Rank in terms of information value the various sections of the tutorial (on a scale 1-5, with 1 being not important and 5 being extremely helpful).

1. Setting the Stage & Timeline
2. Terms and Concepts
3. Obsolescence and Chamber of Horrors
4. Foundations
5. Challenges
6. Program Elements
Conclusion & Additional Reading

10. Rank in terms of information value the following characteristics of the tutorial (on a scale 1-5, with 1 being not important and 5 being extremely helpful).

basic text
breakouts by organizational , resource ($$$$) and technical (0101) dimensions
additional readings
Interface Design and Functionality
Scale from 1 - 5

14. Were the means for navigating through the tutorial flexible and intuitive? Could you get where you wanted to go without any difficulty? Did you find the navigation bars helpful? Were you able to page forward and backward easily? To move between sections smoothly?

If no, comment where appropriate on the fonts used, font size, use of italics, bold, uppercase, etc. in terms of conveying a consistency, structure, and level of importance of the text.

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