Digital Preservation Management Workshops: Special Topics

Digital Preservation Management (DPM) Workshops, a series offered since 2003, periodically offers advanced topical workshops to supplement the tutorial and core curriculum that build on established DPM principles and concepts. The examples and resources referenced in topical workshops reflect recent research and developments in the digital preservation community. 

Topical Workshops


Digital Forensics: Integrating Tools and Techniques into Digital Preservation Workflows

Instructors: Cal Lee, Kam Woods, Nancy McGovern, and Kari Smith - featuring BitCurator examples

June 8, 2015 - UNC Chapel Hill, 307 Manning Hall, 10am-4pm


Digital Preservation Workflows: Decision Making into Practice

Instructors: Kari Smith, Courtney Mumma, and Nancy McGovern - featuring Archivematica examples

June 22, 2015 - MIT Libraries, Cambridge MA, 10am-4pm

Distributed Digital Preservation (DDP): Issues and Options for Organizations

Instructors: Eld  Zierau, Katherine Skinner, and Nancy McGovern

October 30, 2015 - UNC Chapel Hill, 10am-4pm

Self-assessment and Peer Review Audit for Digital Preservation Programs

Instructor: Nancy McGovern and Courtney Mumma - featuring the DPM TRAC Review Audit tool

2015 - MIT Libraries

Previous Topical Workshops

Tools and Workflows

This workshop assists managers in understanding the organizational, technological, and funding issues associated with developing or incorporating tools and workflows into an organization's digital preservation program. Workshop materials include use cases from new and emerging tools and workflows. 

Preservation Metadata

This workshop is predicated on the need for institutions to combine organizational and technological perspectives to devise an appropriate response to the challenges of managing preservation metadata as a core requirement of digital preservation. It is aimed at managers of all levels at institutions (e.g., directors, program managers, line managers, and project managers) who are responsible for or interact with preservation metadata. (Links for Preservation Metadata)

Legal Issues for Digital Preservation

This workshop explores relevant legal issues for managers of digital collections from a digital preservation perspective. Community discussions frequently focus solely or mostly on copyright and related access issues for making digital content available. Paying closer attention to legal issues throughout the lifecycle can make these challenging access issues more manageable and enable effective digital preservation management approaches. 

Procedural Accountability

This workshop leads participants in an exploration of what the "procedural accountability" attribute of trusted digital repositories means. The workshop is aimed at managers and policy developers at institutions who are responsible for or will be involved with developing and/or implementing digital preservation policies and in guiding a self-assessment of an organization's digital preservation program. (Links for Procedural Accountability)