Links to Procedural Accountability, Policy Development, and Certification

This is a preliminary set of links to content in the document captures the links and text where metadata is referenced in the Digital Preservation Management tutorial. Look for future updates as we incorporate and highlight additional tutorial content about key digital preservation topics, in this case to procedural accountability, policy development, and certification.  The list indicates the section of the tutorial where the reference is located. 

Section 2. Terms and Concepts

Digital Preservation

OAIS Full List of Terms(see management)

Section 3. Obsolescence and Physical Threats

Physical Threats

Putting it All Together

Section 4. Foundations


Section 4a. Trusted Digital Repositories


OAIS Compliance

Administrative Responsibility

Organizational Viability

Technological and Procedural Suitability

System Security

Procedural Accountability

Full list of terms

Section 4b. OAIS Reference Model:



Preservation Planning



Data Management

Section 5. Challenges

Selecting Assets for Preservation: Organizational Viability

Legal Issues: Introduction

Section 6. Program Elements


Digital Assets

Organizational Infrastructure


Where to Begin?


Year 1998: AHDS publishes "A Strategic Policy Framework for Creating and Preserving Digital Collections" discussing the key stages in the life cycle of a digital resource, and how these are influenced by major stakeholders.

Year 1999:  "NSF funds Cornell's Project PRISM to develop policies and mechanisms for information integrity within a digital library."

Year 2000: "The US Library of Congress receives funding for the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) to ‘provide a national focus on important policy, standards and technical components necessary to preserve digital content.’"

Year 2003: RLG and the US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) create a task force to produce certification requirements for digital information repositories.

Year 2007: The Digital Preservation Repository Certification Task Force published the TRAC: Criteria and Checklist (PDF).